ML-Class W163 1998-2005 Rear Upper Left Control Arm (1633520401)

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Rear Upper left Control Arm replacement for 1998-2005 ml-classes.

Suspension Control Arm Failure Symptoms
  • Play in suspension joints where these arms meet the subframe and/or knuckle
  • Buckling noise emanating from the suspension
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Inability to properly align vehicle
  • Shutter or vibration coming from the steering wheel at highway speed
  • Wandering or pulling sensation from side to side felt on the steering wheel
Fits: MY 98-03 - ML320: Rear Left Upper
MY03-05 - ML350: Rear Left Upper
MY99-01 - ML430: Rear Left Upper
MY02-05 - ML500: Rear Left Upper
MY00-03 - ML55: Rear Left Upper
OEM Part Numbers: 1633520401, 1633520001
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