HVAC Blower Motor Regulator Resister (2218706758)

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HVAC Blower Motor Regulator Resister replacement.

The blower motor resistor is sometimes also known as a blower motor control unit, and its purpose is to regulate the speed of the blower fan. The electricity going into the resistor is often a constant value from the main power source, and the fan speed is controlled by the output of the resistor. Due to the amount of electricity being managed by the blower motor resistor, they can get quite hot during normal operation.

HVAC Blower Motor Resistor Failure Symptoms: HVAC fan doesn't work at all, or only works on a few settings.

Fits: MY 07-13 S550

MY 07-13 S400 Hybrid

MY 07-13 S600

MY 07-13 S63

MY 07-13 S65

MY 07-13 S350 Bluetec

OEM Part Numbers: 2218706758, A2218706758

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